Weedles Worms, My go to guys. These little buggers have caught me everything from 1inch to 22inch. Why do I use them so much? Well simple, they are the cheapest of the weedless baits. And acctulay last year we made our own using the worms in the images. The areas my family and I fish are super weedy. You break lines and lose baits every second.

One reason I think they are so effective is what they look like. Of course worms, but also the bright colors and slim bodies. They look like easy wounded prey. The fish can spot them miles away practically. Yes, fish have ripped them apart and swallowed them but it’s far and few in between and most the time we can fix it.

In my experience they work much better than even the scented worms that are naturally colored. Sometimes something is so crazy it just works. The ones we use have three hooks, for all different sizes of fish. It’s a very versatile bait and good in many environments.

I highly recommend weedless worms. They also have good weight to them. It makes them quite easy to cast in front of the fish. Just toss them out and drop them in a bass house and they can’t miss it. Sometimes they are hard to find in stores, at least at Walmart where we get ours. So what you can do it get some worms like in the images. Get some garden wire that they have on small spools. and take the time to make them yourself. It can be difficult but it’s worth it.