This blog is more about how we are viewed by the fish. Fish are prey and predator in their ecosystem. But humans are top predators when they go and fish. If you were to get in the water with wild fish they would either be curious for a while or flee when they see you. You are viewed by fish as a large predator. 

This can effect many things when fishing. If the fish see you casting a line in the water they may avoid the bait. Fish will actually feel the vibrations and noises you make and stray from the area. Taking this into account when fishing can change a few things. Especially on clearer day it’s better to remain more still and make less noise.

Yelling when out on the water can spook fish for a ways around. Also jumping or stomping will spook fish in the area. On the other hand it can also make fish curious. Most times though if a bait hits the water it will spook fish at first. Then their curiosity will take them to check out the bait. All of this though does not happen instantly. That’s why when you cast your bait out it is best to wait a couple seconds before reeling. This gives fish the time to calm down and observe.

When they see that the bait is not coming after them and not a threat they will come close. It is also why you don’t usually continuously reel in the bait. Give it a break every couple seconds for the fish to catch up and calm down. Moving a bait lifelike will make it seem more like prey. A prey species will give it loads of energy to escape a fish if it fell in the water. But it can’t keep chugging forever. It will have to take breaks and then bolt again. The fish will view it as prey trying to run. This can activate their predation sense and go after it.

Scents that are similar to prey will make fish give chase more. When they look like prey they also attract fish more. The predator in the fish is a thing that can be used. When all the fish sees, hears, and smells is prey, it assumes it is prey. When they have not spotted a predator nearby that could spook or make them weary they give chase more. 

This is a good thing to keep in mind especially when going after smaller species. When no predators have been spotted in the area they have nothing to fear. If everything seems normal like a prey fell from the sky why not go after it. An easy meal that’s not too easy is good. Try his out in the way you use your baits. 

Let’s keep on learning!