The Fishing Journey

Welcome to the fishing journey! Here you will find all your lessons and updates for the journey. So have fun and let’s get into it.

Handling Fish

In this post I want to cover the best ways to handle fish and transport them. These are ways I’ve learned to keep the meat fresh and the fish in good condition. First of all as you know fish need water to live. But they need certain conditions in their water. Water...

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Best Bass Fishing Baits

There is huge speculation on to what is the best bait for bass fishing. Many people say it’s live bait or worms, others have thoughts about artificial baits and which ones work best. I’m sure everyone has their reasons for what baits work best. What baits I like are...

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Bluegill Vs. Sunfish

This is the age old question, what is the difference between bluegill and sunfish? Well, not really an age old question but it's worth pondering. If you were to look at the fishing laws (at least for Michigan) you would see bluegill and sunfish have the same catch...

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Fishing Equipment – What You Need To Know

        Let's start with this, what types of equipment are there? Well, there are a lot more types than I can name but I'll give it a shot. There's poles, reels, nets, hooks, baits, cases, tackle boxes, fishing line, coolers for fish, stringers, and much more. Fishing...

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Fishing With A Net

Fishing With A Net-      Alright, this is a very different tactic than spin fishing, fly fishing, and hand lining. The laws for using nets to catch fish are strict and specific so I would recommend checking out your state fishing guide. This is not using one of the...

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