In this post I want to cover the best ways to handle fish and transport them. These are ways I’ve learned to keep the meat fresh and the fish in good condition. First of all as you know fish need water to live. But they need certain conditions in their water. Water straight from the sink or bathtub can not sustain them for long. It contains chemicals not natural to their environment and will result in their demise.

The best way to avoid the hassle of getting good water for your fish to transport them is to just take it out of where you caught them. Get a cooler out and scoop some up some water. As you would be in a situation where someone just kidnapped you and put you in a closet, the fish is stressed. 

The fish’s meat is decaying every second. It’s best to not have it transporting for long (alive that is). As soon as you get the chance you should clean the fish and get it in the fridge. Now for actually getting the fish out of the water and off the hook.

This can depend on the fish but it is around the same. For getting bass of the hook just reel it in and grab it four fingers on top one on bottoms and get the hook out of its mouth. With panfish such as bluegill make sure to push the spines down by running your fingers along the front area of the spines down its back. Those are some of the important to keep in mind when handling and transporting fish. 

See ya soon,