This is one thing people might not think about when going fishing. But if you think about it, it’s easy to notice and provides good benefits. When humans go fishing it’s usually not in a place where we live, so therefore we don’t know everything about the fishing spot. On the other hand the wildlife does live there. They know much more than you about the times the fish are out and where they are. A bird would die if it could not find the fish it needed. 

One time when my family was camping we decided we anted to try a new fishing spot. The one we usually used was only producing small panfish. We wanted some largemouth bass to actually bread and fry. We started by biking a couple miles to a dam. Unfortunently there was no way to get down to the water and the weeds and ants were everywhere. So instead of turning back we went further.

We went to an island in the middle of the lake and circled it looking for good spots. When we found some each person (there were five of us) took one. We tried all different sorts of methods and it was producing at least a bite at every spot. At one point one of us spotted a bald eagle. It was flying in one general area constantly. So we went there. There were bass jumping out of the water a lot. We had an even greater success fishing there. Of course we think we were near its nest as sticks kept being thrown down at us.

Following the wildlife, especially the birds can yield a much greater catch than on your own. Look for seagulls and even the food of your target species to give you an edge. Try multiple areas where prey and predator are abundant. 

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