Fishing With A Net-

     Alright, this is a very different tactic than spin fishing, fly fishing, and hand lining. The laws for using nets to catch fish are strict and specific so I would recommend checking out your state fishing guide. This is not using one of the nets with a handle to get your fish out of the water. Net fishing is casting out a net to catch fish.

     I’m going to cover the basics, how it works, and how effective it can be. If you’ve visited my about page you would know I am not an expert fisherman YET. I’m learning much through many different methods and I think it’s better to be transparent with everything including how I learned these tactics. So for this net fishing blog I learned most of my information from some fishing shows I’ve been watching and doing some research online. With that out of the way let’s get into fishing with a net. 

     There a couple different versions of net fishing. One is surround the fish with a big net and pulling it in. Another is casting a net that has weights to pull it down over the fish trapping them. Both can be very effective for a couple of reasons.

  • Fishing with a net allows you to cover one big area each cast.
  • Fishing with a net allows you to catch multiple fish at once.
  • And finally, fishing with a net can catch many different sizes and species of fish at once.

     For the first version it involves multiple people circling an area either by boat or in shallow water. They encircle the area with a net then spook the fish into the net. This can be done by beating the water and making lots of noise. This tactic of net fishing may not be allowed in your state so make sure it is before you try it out.

    The second tactic involves only one person. They hold the net in their hand and either by boat or shore they cast the net out (holding onto one end). The net has weights attached to the bottom and if you get the net to spread out on the cast it will surround fish quickly and capture them. When you pull the net in the weights keep the fish in the net on the bottom. You can then just pull the net up onto shore or into your boat. Again there are limits on net length and size so check those before net fishing.

     Like I said earlier net fishing allows you to catch multiple fish and species at the same time. This gives you a greater catch and at times can be better than spin fishing. It is less focused on one species and more for any fish in the area. 

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