I thought this blog was only natural to come after the weedless worm blog. Because what else do you use in weedy areas than… weedless baits! That is unless you want to have a high chance at losing your bait and line. So how exactly do you get your bait down in front of the fish in a very weedy area without getting it stuck?

First of all use the right bait. Weedless baits have metal pieces over the hook that allow weeds to slide right over the hook without getting caught. But the metal is thin enough when the fish bite down they get hooked. There is always the off-chance that the fish will not bite down hard enough to get hooked but it’s not often. 

How do you even get the bait down into the water, through the weeds? You need to drop your bait right down into a hole in the weeds. A lot of times this is where the fish live. If you can get it down right in front of the fish they can get a bite.

Then be carefull on how you reel in your bait. If you jerk it through the water too fast it will catch weeds on the way by. Reel it in slowly then if you feel it get caught try going more up to the waters surface. Most the time the fish will bring in weeds on the way by. This sometimes gets the fish caught so it feels like it stopped fighting. 

A real key to being succsessfull is patience. Time your casts and aim them perfectly. Feel the bait on the line and if it’s getting caught or not. Slow and steady and a fish might just see it.

Practice is key!