Let’s start with this, what types of equipment are there? Well, there are a lot more types than I can name but I’ll give it a shot. There’s poles, reels, nets, hooks, baits, cases, tackle boxes, fishing line, coolers for fish, stringers, and much more. Fishing equipment is all the tools you use to go fishing and catch your fish. I won’t go into much detail into what gear I think is the best because in my opinion no gear can make you a pro or and expert fisherman. I could use a stick and twine and catch the same amount and size of fish (that’s exaggerating but it shows what I mean).

If you’re a new fisher though it helps to have the basics. Some of the things you’ll want are a fishing pole (with a reel), a couple lures (live or artificial), fishing line, and a way to transport and clean your fish (a cooler or bags, and a good knife). Those are the only things you really need to get started.

Then you can start getting into more lures, a tackle box, a stronger pole, maybe a better reel, and so forth. I’ll be sure to make a blog on what gear I think works good in the future but it is really up to you. Fishing is about learning and finding out new tactics. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa. This blog is a little short but I just wanted to touch base on fishing equipment and what you need.

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