Need some help casting or want to see some new methods? Look no further I’ve got a few. Alright, let’s get into it.

First off this is one thing to remember; adding weights to your bait or using heaver baits makes it eaiser to cast. But what if they just keep getting stuck on the weeds? That’s where you take bait choosing into account. Bassicaly so much of my fishing time is spent using weedless worms. Now these baits have some weight to them. It makes them cast very easily and far out.

The way I like to cast if first of all, safely, and second of all able to not use up much space. Just a simple flick of the rod can get my bait way out there without hitting trees. The ways I’ve learned to be good at casting is through practice. I can be accurate and go far just with simple flicks of the rod. 


Practice does make somewhat close to perfect. Of course you always have those accidents where you go home with one less bait, and the tree ends up with one more. I like to hold my rod to the side, the side away from people. Then I flick it back then forth releasing the line. I use the weight of the bait and inertia to carry it.

I like to imagine it like I’m Thor throwing the hammer. That’s kinda the style I use. You can also cast over your head. This one if you time the release just right can get you bait the furthest. If weights won’t affect your fishing when its in the water then go add some. Give it some power and be safe about it.

One way I practiced casting was in our driveway. Using only baits on the line I would throw the bait out. Doing this over and over got you good at avoiding the trees and hitting the sweet spot. Hope this helps with casting!

Keep on fishing!