There is huge speculation on to what is the best bait for bass fishing. Many people say it’s live bait or worms, others have thoughts about artificial baits and which ones work best. I’m sure everyone has their reasons for what baits work best. What baits I like are because they have a high success rate in my area. 

For me I always at least try the bass busters/artificial worms at least for a while. It does depend on the time of day though. I will rather use a top-of-the-water frog at night or when fish are jumping out of the water. This is because a worm might not get noticed being darker colored and smaller when all these little fish are swimming by. 

Another thing is not overusing baits on a certain fish. Fish can and will stop biting baits when everytime they do they get snagged on a hook. They say a fish won’t bite twice (which I’ve found out not to be true) but still fish will adapt when pushed. Check what is happening outside when choosing your bait. If it is a dark cool day the fish will be closer to the surface. On a hot sunny day the fish will be deeper down so use more weighted baits. 

Where I fish I always use weedless baits. The water is so filled with weeds you will always lose lures even being extremely careful. 

Take these things in mind when fishing for bass. As I said I like bass busters/Artificial worms and top-of-the-water frogs. Decide for yourself what works best for you in your area!

Thanks as always,