About Me

Hey, if you’ve not already heard I’m Aaron Maxey, I’m 16 years old and I have a passion for all things outdoors. If it involves me being able to just look at animal taxidermy’s I’ll have an amazing time. I don’t know what it is, I just love going after animals and fish, the thrill of the hunt, and the fight of the fish. I also have a passion for sharing the outdoors and everything I’ve learned. One of the things that helps me do this is my ability to write. Get me going on something I love, and soon you’ll have books written in such detail you will think you were there. I don’t know much about nouns, adjectives, and everything else they teach in English, but I can sure write a story. I’ve been told by many people that I am an extremely fast learner, all I need is one run through and I can know it by heart. 

Lately I’ve watched some hunting and fishing shows and I realized something. There is so much more to learn. Being that I live in semi-urban Michigan, we don’t do a lot of variety. The most unknown fish I’ve caught was a sheepshead. Actually I’ve not caught many species at all. Let me see, I’ve caught Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Sunfish, Sheepshead, and some weird brown slimy fish in Lake Michigan. Yup, that’s it, and I’ve hunted Whitetail Deer, turkey, coon, and squirrel. As you can see I am no expert. Just a beginner with a will to learn.

So how did I end up here? Simple, I want to learn, and I don’t want to keep it to myself. Every other fisherman or fishing website has their take on fishing. They will tell you the best place to fish or the best baits to use, but in truth that’s only best for where they are. Take Bluegill under a dock for example, they are way different than bluegill in the middle of the lake. They are sly and know how to get your bait off your hook. Under a dock, they only go after easy prey and tend not to leave the dock. They are much harder to catch and most of the time they are around the same size- bigger. 

That’s what I think when I see the other fishermen and fishing sites. They seem like bluegill under a dock. The thing is- that is not bad. They have perfected their craft for their area and needs. They tell you what works for them (and it may work for you) but sometimes you don’t get the full story. Maybe they had one experience where it worked so they think it works all the time. Now, no shame to the bluegill under the dock, but where is the variety? Can’t there be more to fishing than just one species?

When It Comes To Me

In the beginning I was a young bluegill under the dock. I saw how things went where I was and thought they will always be that way. But I started to look around. There are 33,000 discovered fish species in the world. I’ve caught 5. There are infinite ways to cook and eat these fish. I’ve tried 3 ways. There is more to fishing than even I can comprehend. When you talk to an old experienced fisherman you are amazed at how well they know their fish. But they know the fish in their lake. I want to know the fish in the ocean called this world.

Every fish has a story – and I intend to find it

Come join me as I discover how fishing was meant to be! Some of you may be wondering what I mean. Fishing is more than a single dock. It’s an ocean. I don’t think we are meant to fish bass our whole lives (don’t get me wrong I love bass) but they come and go. Sometimes I wonder what’s beyond the bend in the river, what lies in that deep murky water, and what is at the bottom of that tall seaweed. So I am embarking on a journey. A journey to discover how fishing was meant to be!

Are you a bluegill under the dock?

Or a bluegill in the ocean?

Now that you know what I mean, it’s time for you to make the choice. Are you happy by your dock getting plump off of people’s scraps, or is there something enticing in that lake, that very well might change your views on fishing and the entire world as we know it!

Making You The Focal Point

Of course there would be no Focal Fishing without you. That is why it is my goal to ensure you recive all the help you need. I want to answer all your questions and give you the best chance you can get to becoming the greatest fisherman.

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