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Focal fishing was created by fishing fanatics who have a passion for talking tips and tackle to help others find success on the water.

Hi! My name is Brice Baker and I have been fishing since I was able to walk. I was introduced to the sport at that time by my dad and grandfather who would take me catfishing whenever time allowed. Those trips got me hooked and I have been chasing the various freshwater and saltwater species found in the southeastern U.S. ever since.

My passion for fishing led me to numerous websites with reviews and tips on how to net that next big catch. The problem was that I found that many of the tips were quite shallow, or flat out unhelpful.

I wanted to find reviews, tips, and comparisons that were both technical and easy to read. Ones that you could come away from feeling as if you had learned something valuable and would lead you to make informed purchases.

I definitely don’t qualify as a professional fisherman like those you see on television on the weekends, but I have been around the water long enough to know what works and does not work.

I promise that our team takes the tips, reviews, and comparisons that we post very seriously, and are happy to answer any questions you may have about the content on our site!

We will post content that is crucial to your success as a fisherman, and quality content that you are unable to find on other sites. If there is something you’d like to see on our site, please contact us!

Brice Baker (Founder of Focal Fishing)

What’s Next?

If you are here it means that you are looking to improve your tactics for fishing while also searching for the best tackle available.

We have some good news. We have published articles to help with exactly that, so you can either:

I hope that Focal Fishing provides just what you need, and that we can help your next fishing trip be the most successful one yet!

The Focal Fishing Team

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