Come On A Fishing Journey With Me!

Hi, I’m Aaron Maxey, a novice fisherman. I’m a 16 year old kid in Michigan. So why am I here? Because like every fisherman I have questions. What bait works best, Where is the fishing best, and so on. I want to catch fish and most likely so do you. So I’m going on a journey to learn about fish and fishing. I wanted to invite you to come along with me and together let’s learn how fishing really should be!

Giving You Your Local Information

I want to make sure you have all the knowledge you need in your area, to catch more fish, more often. You’ll get info on the best fishing spots near you and how to fish them so let’s get fishing!

What You Can Learn

Everything About Fish

As I ask experts and fishermen, one of my aims is to discover all about fish. I want to know where they live, what they eat, and how to catch them. I won’t stop asking till I find out.

Discover How To Sustain Fish

I want to know how to get sustainable populations of fish. How do I get my fish to grow big, and get more every year? Let’s find out.

Learn About New Species

Along the journey I will find out about new species. I would like to also find out what the best tasting fish is. So grab a notepad because you have no idea how many fish there are.

Find Out How To Catch Monsters

I aim to find where the monsters live. How do I catch them? What is the diffrence between them and normal fish? And anything else I can learn about how to catch giants.

What is the journey?

It’s the entire path I take to discover all about fishing. From asking others to doing research and testing, it’s all the Journey.

How Do I Join It?

Easy, you can join the email list to receive the lessons, plus you will get bonus updates, deals, and special links only Fishing Journey members get. Scroll to the bottom to begin!

Will you join the Journey

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